Better safe than sorry: 7 items that should be in your car emergency kit

These are all non-negotiable
May 29, 2019
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Experienced drivers know that the possibility of an accident—no matter how remote—should never be taken lightly. Anything from a minor fender bender or a flat tire to a full-blown crash can happen at any time.

That being said, it pays to be ready for anything. Here's a list of things you should always have in your car in case of emergencies.

1) Flashlight and batteries
The absence of light can make simple tasks like changing a flat tire or jump-starting your vehicle infinitely harder. Keeping a bright torch—as well as an extra set of batteries—inside your glove compartment is a no-brainer.

2) Tire repair essentials
You’re going to puncture one of your tires at one point or another, so here’s what you’ll need for when it happens: A tire pressure gauge, a jack, and a cross wrench. And don’t forget to regularly check if your spare tire is in order, too.

3) Jumper cables
These aren’t necessarily just for your own use. You might have the presence of mind to keep them handy in the trunk for battery issues, but other motorists might not have been as responsible. Why not lend them a hand?

4) Early warning device
An early warning device, a reflective triangle—it doesn’t matter what you call it. If you ever find yourself stalled at the side of the road, always pop one out. The ideal distance is at least four meters away from your ride; find a safe spot to pull over where you’re not blocking traffic.

5) First aid kit
Hopefully, you’ll never need to open one, but better safe than sorry, right? Your kit should at least have adhesive tape and bandages, burn ointment, scissors, and tweezers among other essentials. Also, make sure you have an ID on you containing your blood type.

6) Fire extinguisher
Whether it's your path, another vehicle, or your own car that has caught fire, you need to put it out as quickly as possible. Fires spread fast, and a small portable fire extinguisher is one of the best tools to combat one. Take the time to learn how to properly use it.

7) A reliable debit card
Sometimes, you can only do so much before having to bring your ride in for repairs. Depending on what breaks down and where, things can become costly. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you don’t have the means to pay for a quick fix.

With multiple cash cards and the convenience of online banking, Eastwest Bank Family Ties bundle allows several family members or drivers to pay for unexpected car expenses—whether it be repairs, fuel, or other emergencies—without ever needing to withdraw any actual cash. It not only helps save time; it also helps give you peace of mind whenever you take your car for a drive.

For more information, visit Eastwest Bank's official website and Facebook page.

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