Here’s what you can do to improve your fuel economy

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Jun 27, 2018
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Everyone who drives understands this simple truth: fuel price increases SUCK. There’s no other way to put it. It’s bad enough motorists are forced to pay extra per liter. But the real kicker is watching the needle on your fuel gauge go down while crawling through god-awful traffic.

Adjusting to the excise tax and solving local road congestion issues aren’t going to happen overnight. The truth is, gas is still going to be expensive when you wake up tomorrow. But you can still get optimum fuel mileage if you remember these simple tips.

Change your car’s oil religiously. And while you’re at it change the air filter (or clean it, if you have a reusable one), and change the spark plugs. Also, make sure you put in just the right amount of oil. Too little, and you risk unnecessary engine damage with too thin a layer of lube. Too much, and you choke it out. Both situations will result in poor fuel mileage.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. What’s the correct tire pressure? It depends entirely on the car. Check your owner’s manual for that. Overly-inflated tires will skip and bounce off the road, which results in less surface contact. Tires that are too soft, on the other hand, will stick to the road and create too much surface contact. Both situations require the engine to work harder, thus more fuel spent.

Drive smoothly. Driving with a lead foot is wasteful. Be smooth. Learn how to read the flow of the road and avoid hard braking and abrupt acceleration. Braking hard kills momentum, which forces you to step on the gas harder to get back up to speed. And when you hastily accelerate, you burn fuel and chances are you’re going to have to brake hard. Also, your passengers are going to label you a crappy driver if you drive like this.

One more thing you can do is try fuel additives that may improve your consumption per liter. Go local and try Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment which helps improve fuel mileage, increase horsepower, and defend your engine against rust and corrosion with its US-patented DuraSyn Technology. Check out what people have to say regarding their first-hand experience with Pertua by following this link. 


But seriously: regular oil changes, using the proper tire pressure, and a smooth driving style are the basics for getting optimum fuel mileage. Chalk it up as a bonus if you see your fuel mileage improve and that you can squeeze more kilometers per liter by using  Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment.

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