Infographics: Why you should consider selling your car online

A simple step-by-step guide from
Jan 25, 2013

The used-car market is big business in a country where not everyone can afford a brand-new car. And it's not just the buyers who are in the market for a secondhand car that benefit from reliable used-car trading, but more so those who sell their "pre-loved" rides. The problem for many, however, is that it's becoming more and more difficult to find quality sellers and buyers, as the market is now littered with swindlers.

Which is probably the reason more people are turning to online car classifieds. But how exactly does one advertise and sell his car online? Which websites can be trusted for this very purpose?, an online portal that provides car buyers easy access to new and used cars for sale, has prepared a simple step-by-step guide to putting up a vehicle for sale in cyberspace. is a joint venture between Summit Media and international media/tech company Ringier AG.

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Why sell your car online?

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