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5 advantages of keeping your interior clutter-free

Clean car, clear mind

No matter what the outside environment may be like, your driving experience is greatly affected by the atmosphere you create inside your car. Allow me to enumerate the benefits of having a spic and span cabin:

1) Safety. As always, safety should be at the top of your list. Having unnecessary stuff laying around in your cabin isn't exactly ideal for a hassle-free drive. Imagine a stray water bottle rolling about, eventually finding its way between your brake pedal and the flooring beneath it when a vehicle in front of you suddenly stops (this can happen). What follows may not be a pretty sight, if you catch my drift. A clean and clear cabin equals a safer drive.

2) It helps reduce stress. If the madness on our local roads is already a bit too much for you, having a disorganized and sloppy interior can push your driving stress through the roof. There's nothing more irritating than hearing banging noises inside your car as you accelerate or tap on the brakes. Even the sight of stuff on your seats or floor can be distracting.


Tidying up and getting organized by removing things you don't need inside your cabin and getting the junk out of your trunk will definitely up your zen and boost serotonin levels. That includes your collection of bobbing head figures and stuffed animals. Oh, and do yourself a favor by unplugging and stowing your auxiliary and charging cords when not in use, unless you want your cockpit to look like the accessories section of CD-R King.

3) It’ll help preserve the beauty of your interiors. I know quite a few people who love to haul food and drinks in their car like it's a minibar-on-wheels or a dine-in drive-thru hub. There are even those who carry volatile and harmful liquids like brake fluid or transmission oil. You run the risk of staining and damaging your interiors with such items. Even hard objects like tools not stowed in their proper place can bang up your interiors when the G-forces fling them around.

Keep in mind that you should only bring what's necessary; invest in a cargo organizer plus a decent toolbox to keep things in their appropriate place. As a detailer, I always carry a kikay kit where everything I need is nicely tucked away, including emergency devices.

4) You keep your car pest-free. Nothing attracts pesky critters more than a dirty vehicle. Always clean up after yourself and your passengers, then you won't have to deal with such infestations.

5) Your car won't look like a dumpster. I’d like to believe that the way your car looks and how you treat it reflects your persona to some extent. There's nothing like winning the admiration of your passengers and making them feel like they've stepped into a multimillion-peso car despite its actual market value. For all you know, your next passenger could be the woman or man of your dreams.

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