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5 Easy steps to remove your car’s window tint

So you can remove that pesky dilapidated tint yourself
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Window tints are some of the most common car accessories here in the Philippines. For the most part, window tint films are used to repel heat and UV rays from the sun. You can even consider it a necessity given how hot the weather can get, especially in the metro.

Some people also use it for aesthetic purposes or for added privacy. And depending on the brand and the type of tint you’re getting, its prices will vary. However, just like any other car accessory, the material is still subject to the usual wear and tear, regardless of its quality.

What you’ll notice when your window tint starts wearing out are scratches, bubbles, and parts of the film peeling off. Once this happens, its condition quickly degrades and you’ll soon be needing a replacement. Driving with dilapidated window tint isn’t easy since it compromises road visibility, and that’s why car owners should always make sure they replace their window tint whenever necessary.

In some cases when you need to put off replacing the window tint for later, you may initially remove the tint yourself just so it won’t obstruct your vision behind the wheel. It might sound like a tiring chore (because it is), but it’s also really simple.

What you’ll need for this procedure are razor blades, dishwashing soap, paper towels, a spray bottle, some water, and glass cleaner. The last one’s optional, though.

Once you have all the materials, proceed to follow the steps below.


1) Cut a small portion in one corner of the film.

Using a razor blade, cut the film open in one corner of the window. Don’t worry—your windows or windshield won’t be easily damaged by the blade as long as you don’t press it in too deep. You won’t be needing much finesse with this step, but it’ll be best to still be careful while you’re at it.

2) Peel the film off slowly.

Starting with the corner you cut open, take hold of the film and start peeling it off. Try to do this slowly so as to take everything off in one go. In case the window tint doesn’t peel off in one piece, you can simply lift the edge using the razor blade and resume peeling away until you’ve removed every bit of the film.

3) Spray soapy mixture onto the window.

In the spray bottle, mix a small amount of dishwashing soap with some water. There’s no need to be specific with the measurements—just make the solution like something you would use to wash the dishes with. After preparing the mixture, spray it onto the areas where the window tint has just been removed, then proceed to the next step.

4) Scrape off all the adhesives left behind.

Scrape off all adhesive residue left on the glass with the razor blade. If you’re worried again that you might scratch the surface, just be sure to keep it nice and wet. If the glass dries up, spray more soapy water on it and just continue scraping off the residue until you’ve removed everything. As long as you follow these instructions, you should be more worried about cutting yourself than damaging your glass.

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5) Do a final cleaning of the windows.

Have you completely removed all the residue? Then congratulations—you’ve successfully removed your car’s window tint. But for good measure, you have to clean your windows one last time before you wrap things up. Use a glass cleaner solution and wipe your windows clean. If you don’t have any, some warm, soapy water will do. Either way, just be sure to use paper towels for best results.

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