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Things our readers wish they knew before buying their first car

These should help other first-time car buyers to make informed decisions
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You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s ever bought a car and had absolutely zero regrets about it. And by zero we mean everything about the car was perfect, from the purchase itself to everything that came along after.

Very likely, there’s one thing—no matter how trivial—the buyer wishes he knew before he signed the deal, crucial info that could have helped him make a better decision. Think the cost of a certain siraing piyesa or the actual real-world fuel consumption of the vehicle.

We recently asked you guys to share with us the things you wish you knew before you bit the bullet (gunned the throttle?) and made your first car purchase. We’re sharing the answers here so that other first-time car buyers here can get feedback and make well-informed decisions. So, if you want to see what other people have to say, read on.

I should have known that the casa, agent/s, and bank are ONLY PRETENDING to be friends who are willing to help.” – Kelly Lucenara Ouano Secretario

That I should’ve bought a secondhand car that is bigger and better for almost the same price. *cry emoji*” – Yel Cabrera

You don’t need to buy a brand-new car...” – Ooberdose

That your car will not last forever...the more expensive the repairs become, the more you will realize that it’s cheaper to buy a new car.” – Rommel Blando

That I have signed on to a lifelong career of being everyone’s driver, which means never get to sit again in the backseat and just enjoy the scenery or take a nap during a long drive.” – Rod Batz

That gas prices will go as high as P60 per liter...” – Jordan Nisperos Pasco

That all cars are endless money pits.” – Rahim Amilil

Difference between CVT and AT.” – Babs Lacanlale

That all cars are essentially the same to me because my usage only requires the basic purpose.” – Julian Nunag

I wish I knew that my knees and legs will eventually get tired (of using MT) after a few years and got the AT instead.” – Neil Lumalang

Owning a car is like having another child. *grinning face with sweat emoji*” – Christian Raymundo

Maintenance cost (casa PMS) and the yearly LTO registration.” – John Domingo

Keep your vehicle stock, invest instead in maintenance.” – Joe Miranda

Financial advice that I got recently: Buy a car when you already have savings amounting to 10 times the value of that vehicle.” – Erick RBagos

That my Cayenne and my Honda are like the same car after a while. They both can take you from point A to point B.” – Noel Manuntag

Bank PO instead of in-house.” – Christopher Joseph Sangil

That you need money for gas...” – Epifanio Firmacion Llamas

That power windows on ’90s cars are hell to fix.” – Jj Elias

Brand value and maintenance costs.” – Elridge Poblete

That keeping a black car clean is like having a second job.” – Christian Matthew Delos Santos

The difference between having 2H and 4L.” – Christian Reymart Novicio

I should've bought Tesla stocks.” – Jes Rael

If we bought and kept a stock SiR, it would have given us a good ROI.” – Vernie Teodoro

“Handa dapat ang isip at puso sa gastos. *face with tears of joy emoji*” – Nyri Pewspe

That how happy my Father is to have a car (in which he was not able to buy for himself because he couldn’t afford one back then).  Even though [the car is] high-maintenance, the happiness of a parent can’t be bought.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share regarding this one? The comments section is open.

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