8 Common household products that can help remove car stickers

Some of these might surprise you
by Leandre Grecia | Jun 24, 2019
PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

Nobody wants their cars plastered with stickers they don’t like. It could be village, school, or office stickers you can’t do away with, or ones that someone else had put on your car before you acquired it, if it’s a secondhand vehicle. Whatever the case may be, the question remains: How do you remove said stickers?

Good thing we’ve already made a tip sheet detailing the processread it here if you haven’t yet. This time around, we list down the most common household products you can also use to make this task easier. Check them out below.

1) Rubbing alcohol

The first item on this list is also probably the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of removing car stickers. Rubbing alcohol is a common household item, and it’s clean and easy to use. You simply saturate a piece of cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol and let it sit on the car sticker for five minutes, and the sticker will be easier to remove afterwards. You can also continuously to rub the cloth or paper towel on any stubborn residue. Fair warning, though: It’s not as effective as the other items below.

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2) Vinegar

Yes, the same vinegar you use for cooking can also be used to remove those pesky car stickers. Like with the previous method, you simply soak a piece of cloth or paper towel in warm vinegar (be sure to heat it up a bit first for better results), then place it on top of the sticker you intend to remove. Wait five minutes, then removal should be a breeze after that.

3) Peanut butter

Most of us probably had the same reaction to this: “What?” We know it’s unusual, but it actually works. The oil in the peanut butter helps make it easier for car stickers (and even tar) to come off. Simply rub a small amount of it on the sticker, and again, let it sit for five minutes, then proceed to peel the sticker off. Just be sure to clean up everything afterward, lest ants start swarming your vehicle.

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4) Mayonnaise

Just like peanut butter, mayonnaise can also make it easier to remove car stickers. Do the same as with peanut butter, and be sure to clean it up well, too.

5) Baking soda and coconut oil

If you have both of these in your house somewhere, just combine both products and rub the mixture onto the sticker you want to remove, then leave it for a few minutes. The sticker should easily come off, with no residue left behind. Be sure to wash off the mixture properly from your car after the procedureyou might find it harder to clean off than most products.

6) Cooking oil

If you don’t have baking soda and coconut oil, you very likely have some cooking oil in the kitchen. Application is basically the same as with number 5, including the cleanup.

7) Hair dryer

If you plan on reusing the sticker you’re about to remove, using a hair dryer might be the best option for you. This method might be trickier and more tedious than the others, but it’s your best bet at peeling off a sticker cleanly enough for it to be reused. What you need to do is heat up the sticker continuously before and while you remove it, to ensure that the material comes off as much intact as possible.

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8) Pencil eraser

The last item on this list should also be used as a last resort. This is for those who of you who tried to remove that nasty car sticker without consulting this list—and failed. Using a pencil eraser, you can easily rub off the remaining residue stuck to your car. It might not be the quickest method, but it’s definitely the simplest and cleanest one. Just be patient with it, and all the sticky residues will eventually come off.

If you also know of other products that fellow readers can use to remove stickers, feel free to share them in the comments.

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