11 Traffic violations that you may not have known about

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by Leandre Grecia | Mar 28, 2022
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For those of us who drive on a regular basis, let’s admit it: We don’t exactly know all of the traffic violations as indicated by law. Sure, it’s common sense for us to, say, not overtake on the shoulder, but we bet there are many of us who don’t exactly know the technical implications of such behavior.

We recently came up with a list of the corresponding fines and penalties of all licensing- and traffic-related violations in the Philippines, and we realized that among the more than 50 ‘other traffic violations’ listed in the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal, there are quite a few that some motorists may not be familiar with.

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These aren’t exactly surprising, but we think some of these you wouldn’t have exactly thought of as legitimate violations that would cost you P1,000 fines.  We’ve listed 11 of them below—check them out, then tell us what you think.


Traffic violations in the Philippines that you may not have known about

  1. Allowing passengers on top or a cover of a motor vehicle (MV) (truck helpers are exempted).
  2. Permitting passengers to ride on running boards, step boards, or mudguard of MV while in motion.
  3. Failure to dim headlights when approaching another motor vehicle.
  4. Hitching or permitting a person or a bicycle, motorcycle, tricycle, or roller skater to hitch to a motor vehicle.
  5. Failure to give way to an overtaking vehicle. To be more specific, failure to give way to another vehicle approaching from the rear that wishes to overtake when the former has given suitable and audible signal.
  6. Increasing speed when being overtaken.
  7. Overtaking or passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction at any railway grade crossing.
  8. Overtaking or passing, or attempting to overtake or pass another vehicle proceeding in the same direction in any ‘no passing or overtaking zone.’
  9. Failure to give the appropriate signal before starting, stopping, or turning from a direct line.
  10. Failure to turn off the ignition switch and stop the motor and effectively notch the handbrake when parking a motor vehicle unattended on any highway.
  11. Operating an MV with defective parts and accessories (not just headlights).
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