Tip Sheet

Find changing a tire difficult? Or do you enjoy the do-it-yourself experience so much that you've turned your garage into a mini workshop? Regardless of where you lie on the DIY spectrum, you'll be sure to find something here that will both challenge and inform your mechanic skills.

In the Tip Sheet section, we provide various auto tips and tricks that will help you maintain your car for years to come. We also give advice that will keep you safer on the road in the form of driving tips. If you're a newbie driver unsure of when it's safe to overtake, for example, you can read our handy guides to help you out.

We also help you, our fellow motorist, out by providing comprehensive guides on things like how to settle traffic violation fines and where no-contact apprehension cameras are located. So if you wish to be a more informed person on the road, this is the section for you.
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As well as a few tips on what to do in case it gets discharged
Making small adjustments to your driving can go a long way
Since you’ll be far from home, and probably far from civilization
Keeping you on track when you’re off the beaten path
A repair job that can be done at home.
For commuters looking for alternative modes of transport amid this pandemic
These should help other first-time car buyers to make informed decisions
Proper brake fluid maintenance is key to keeping your car’s brakes in good shape
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