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Ely Buendia’s Instagram proves Sagada is still a haven for riders

Cold air, winding roads, and spectacular views

Anyone who’s been to Sagada will tell you that the place is pure magic. Not just Sagada per se, but the entire route headed there, too—the cold air, the winding roads, the spectacular view.

Simply put, the journey to Sagada has all the makings of an epic road trip. Few people know this better than car guys and motorcycle riders: Simply hop into a roadster or onto a kickass bike, grab a couple of buds, and you’re basically set.

Just ask Ely Buendia, who recently headed up to the Mountain Province manning a customized Ducati Scrambler. He had a couple of friends with him, too, among them Kamikazee frontman Jay Contreras and Sam YG of Boys’ Night Out (who rode another Ducati, a Hypermotard)—all members of the Cruiserheads.


“Turn a corner and the whole world changes,” Buendia captioned a photo showing off his bike and a gorgeous mountain road behind him. We have to say we agree with him—the first time that Mountain Province view greets you as the road opens up is truly life-changing.

Again, a great bike and some good company are all you really need. Are you planning a trip up to Sagada this year, too?

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PHOTO: Ely Buendia
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