This Filipino-made motorbike could be the spark our country needs

Real bamboo was used in its construction
by Drei Laurel | Mar 28, 2018

Meet the Banatti Green Falcon, an electric motorcycle made partly from bamboo with a top speed of 60kph, more or less 45km of range, and looks that could impress even the most snobbish of art aficianados.

Most important, it’s 100% Filipino-made. Banatti is actually derived from banat—a Filipino word we’re certain many motorcycle nuts and gearheads are familiar with.

“No it’s not a Ducati. It’s ours. It’s a Banatti,” says company CEO Chris Lacson, one of three men behind the motorcycle. With paint man Eduardo Cañete and engineer Jess Alimbo, the trio conceptualized, fabricated, and got the Green Falcon up and running.

“It’s not about making money,” Chris explains. “It’s about wanting to provoke and inspire our country. That we can have our own Ducatis, we can have our own Ferraris. We should be doing that. We’re creative, we’re smart, we’re intelligent.”

It’s a refreshing thought and concept, and one Pinoys should take to heart. More so, considering the booming automotive industry and the country’s sudden push for cleaner, more sustainable transportation.

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“If a bike like this can inspire the young, the old, the leaders, the countrymen, the industries to say kaya pala 'yan,” Lacson added. So, will we see a Filipino-made electric car one day? With people like Chris around, we think it’d be safe to count on it.

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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