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Indian Scout Sixty cruiser forges brotherhood among riders

Ride, eat, sleep, repeat!


With the wide range of motorcycles now available in the local market, choosing the right bike for your riding preference and style can drive you insane. Perhaps asking yourself this question will help: Do you crave for speed or do you prefer a chill ride?

If you’re not too hot on the throttle and you just want to breeze through rural ambiance with a cool bunch of motorcyclists, a cruiser maybe the best ride for you.

Check out the Indian Scout Sixty motorbike. First, take a close look at one of those chrome-laced low riders. Now imagine throwing your leg over the saddle before resting your palms on the handle bars. Now that you’re settled comfortably, fire up the engine and be ready to roll the bike slowly around the block.

Do you feel your blood pressure drop to normal level? That’s the calming effect of riding a cruiser. More so when you’re riding the Scout Sixty, a gentle-mannered 999cc low rider, which can be your antidote to the daily grind.

No watch how brotherhood is forged during a two-day relaxing journey to Baguio City and La Union on board this classic American motorcycle brand provided by Access Plus. The game plan is simple: Ride, eat, sleep, repeat.

Now, roll video!

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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