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Karel Marquez learns to ride big bikes

'It's not a walk in the park'

Who would think that singer-actress Karel Marquez, who is 5'2" tall, could mount herself onto a 178kg motorcycle and ride solo?

With zero knowledge of motorcycle riding, Karel did not think twice to say yes when offered to join the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to the attending the riding clinic, she was already content as her husband Sean Farinas's back rider. Back then, she had thought big bikes were dangerous speed machines and considered them to be only for men.

During the two-day DRE training, however, Karel’s outlook on motorcycles made a 180-degree turn. It was not without hardships, though. She admitted that learning how to ride wasn’t a walk in the park for a lady her size.

One time, the singer-actress almost broke down while struggling to balance the new Ducati Monster 797 with just one foot touching the ground. She knew nothing about manual shifting, too.

Check out how Karel tamed the Ducati Monster 797. Or was it the other way around?

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PHOTO: Chira dela Cruz
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