Nolan N70-2 X Review

by Aris Ilagan | Mar 12, 2020
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Next to the motorcycle itself, the thing that really excites a rider is the helmet. We’ve heard tales of wannabe riders buying a helmet before they can even get hold of a bike.

This might be because the local market is now being flooded by helmets with awesome designs and features, which tempts riders to purchase each and every style. Modern-day helmets have their own specific purposes and themes, so riders often fill their shelves with more than just one.

Italian company Nolan aims to make life easier for the riding community by coming up with a multipurpose, multi-design helmet that you can easily reconfigure to match different needs, whether it’s for racing, retro, adventure, or off-road. That’s easily four helmets in one already.

Meet the Nolan N70-2 X, an innovative, highly customizable helmet. We managed to get hold of one from MotoWorld and MotoMarket outlets. Here’s our take on this versatile headgear.



Nolan n702 X helmet front

This is one aspect in which every motorcycle helmet should not fail. If the helmet’s styling and design are mediocre, riders won’t dare touch it with a 10-foot pole. They would immediately go for the competing brand.

Even at first glance, the N70-2 X easily captivates with its adventure motif. The overall shape and the design cues on the peak stretching to the back part evoke a strong aerodynamic vibe. This Metallic White version boasts a two-tone design with a touch of flat black at the top.

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We tried removing the peak, the chin guard, and the face shield to set up the lid into different configurationsopen-face, sport-style, and adventure mode. No matter the configuration, the solid appeal of the N70-2 X does not diminish at all. Even the two release buttons for the internal sun visor are discreetly integrated into the lower part of the helmet so as not to disturb its overall appearance. You’ll hardly notice them unless you run your index finger over the tiny controls.


Nolan n702 X helmet side left


This being a multitasking helmet, comfort should not be compromised in different riding conditions. Thankfully, the N70-2 X has a removable Clima Comfort interior lining that hugs the rider’s face for a snug fit. The shell shape is an intermediate round oval.

The Nolan-designed AirBooster ventilation system allows the rider to keep cool when the outside temperature rises during traffic. Two vents strategically positioned on top can be opened or closed using the two release slides on top for air to come in, and three other openings at the rear to dislodge them.

Weight is another critical factor when choosing a helmet. Weighing only 3.8lbs, the N70-2 X is probably one of the lightest lids in its category. Adjusting it from Homologation P (complete components) to J (minus the protective chin guard) brings weight down to 2.2lbs. This would spare you from neck pain while spending hours on the saddle.


With the aid of a tiny lid at the center, the face shield can be lifted with minimal effort for the rider to enjoy the wind in full while cruising at a safe speed. Also, the retractable inner visor with UV400 protection rating is a big relief from direct sunlight. 

Here’s one drawback of the N70-2 X: The quick-release retention strap is angled too close to the neck, which sometimes gives the user the feeling of being choked.


Nolan n702 X helmet side right


While the design is the first to be noticed, the safety rating of a helmet should be of foremost concern of a rider. Given the N70-2 X’s advanced polycarbonate shell, we have reason to believe that Nolan is fully compliant with global safety standards with its products. This helmet sports only one legal safety certificationthe DOT from the US, but not the ECE 2206 from Europe.

Nolan promises that the removable chin guard can take the strongest impact when properly attached.

Extra features

Nolan n702 X helmet closeup


Again, we point out that the strongest selling point of the Nolan N70-2 X is its ability to be reconfigured into eight different settings without using any tools other than your hands.  Just make sure you have a convenient pouch where you can securely place the removable parts. Losing any of these would mean disaster.

If you’re obsessed with original components, the N70-2 X can also be fitted with the N-Com communication system that is sold separately.


Nolan n702 X helmet back


For riders who have familiarized themselves with a sports helmet, you might find the noise while wearing the Nolan annoying, especially when your speed exceeds 80kph. But having more saddle time will probably fix the problem as you get accustomed to the wind noise penetrating the shell.

Get rid of those extra helmets from your collection, because the Nolan N70-2 X is now available here. You will not only save space but also money by having an eight-in-one helmet with comfort, safety, and great design rolled into one. 


Nolan n702 X helmet top


Price: P16,800-P19,500 (depending on the color scheme, graphics)
Weight: 2.2-3.8lbs
Type: On- or off-road, customizable to eight configurations
Score: 17/20

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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