Richard Gomez has pretty adventurous taste in motorcycles

He doesn't stick to one brand
by Drei Laurel | Aug 24, 2018

Filipino film icon Richard Gomez sure has great taste in motorcycles. We've already featured him before, back when Top Gear Philippines still produced a magazine, but a quick scan through the actor's Instagram feed will give you a closer look at the bikes he's ridden over the years.

There's 'Goma' onboard a miniscule Honda 'Mini Trail,' reminiscing about his days riding one as a kid. "I remember riding the 50cc Honda mini trail my mom had when I was 6 years old. #memories #timefliessofast," his caption reads.

Then, there's the dude's clear passion for adventure bikes. In his feed you'll find photos of a Ducati Multistrada which retails for about P1.3 million, a Honda Africa Twin which costs almost P1 million, and a KTM Adventure 990.

The abovementioned models aren't cheap, and we're glad to see these units aren't just sitting in a garage somewhere. By the looks of it, he's at least put a fair bit of mileage on these babies. Also of note is how he doesn't seem to prefer one single brand like other celebrities.

Our favorite post? The Honda Mini Trail, of course. Because who doesn’t succumb to the whims of nostalgia every once in a while, right? What do you think of Goma's choice of motorcycles?

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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