The top 10 motorcycles PH buyers searched for the most in 2020

Based on our Motorcycle Buyers’ Guide
by Leandre Grecia | Dec 28, 2020
PHOTO: Honda, Yamaha

The automotive industry took a big hit this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the same can be said for the motorcycle industry.

According to the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, the booming industry posted big sales numbers from January to November 2020, but the grand total was still a 31.5% year-on-year drop.

That’s a huge dip indeed, but there were still a lot of people who were looking into buying brand-new motorcycles throughout the year than what the numbers may suggest.

As a matter of fact, the numbers from Top Gear PH’s Buyers’ Guide show that more people searched for Honda and Yamaha motorcycles than there were those who searched for the Hiace or Fortuner, the topnotchers in the car version of this list.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling into a list all the bikes that our website visitors searched for the most this year. Were you one of the readers who browsed for new motorbikes online?

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1) Honda Beat

Honda Beat

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Scooters still rule, and the Beat placing on top of this list just serves as additional proof. And since this is still the most affordable scooter in Honda Philippines’ lineup, it’s no surprise that the Beat finished the year in first place.

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2) Yamaha Mio Sporty

Yamaha Mio Sporty

Coming in at second is the ever-famous, ever-reliable Mio. Worth noting is that the Beat, er, beat this one by just a small margin, which is sheer proof of how competitive the local scooter segment is, and how these two are the common go-to options for potential buyers.

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3) Honda Click 125i

Honda Click 125i

As expected, this list is filled with Hondas. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer topped sales charts this year, after all. The Click 125i, Honda’s top-selling bike for 2020, finishes at third.

4) Honda Genio

Honda Genio

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We told you there’d be a lot of Hondas here. The fourth on this list (and the third from Honda) is the Genio, the affordable scooter Honda Philippines unveiled back in September 2019. It’s priced similar to the Click125i, but the Genio aims specifically at a different market: female riders.

5) Yamaha TMax

Yamaha TMax

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This has got to be the most surprising entry in this list. The TMax is Yamaha’s tollway-legal scooter and is the bigger brother of the significantly more popular NMax. While it’s still a well-known nameplate, we didn’t expect it to actually place higher than its smaller NMax sibling.

6) Honda Click 150i

Honda Click 150i

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The Click 150i is the bigger alternative to the 125i model. Not as many people searched for this one compared with its smaller counterpart, though, which is understandable given the 150i’s significantly heftier P98,900 price tag. That said, it’s still popular enough to have finished sixth on this list.

7) Kawasaki Dominar 400

Kawasaki Dominar 400

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The Dominar wasn’t one of Kawasaki’s top-sellers this year, but it was still one of the bikes that people searched for the most on this space. We reckon those in the market for budget-friendly big bikes were the ones looking at this.

8) Suzuki Raider R150

Suzuki Raider R150

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The king of the underbones is still the most popular underbone in this list as well as in Suzuki’s local motorcycle lineup. In a market awash with scooters, it’s nice to see that the Raider still has a huge following.

9) Yamaha NMax

Yamaha NMax

We still can’t put our finger around the fact that more people searched for the TMax than they did the NMax, but numbers are numbers. That didn’t really translate into sales, though, because the NMax still finished the year as the second most popular bike in Yamaha’s lineup in terms of sales.

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10) Honda CB650R

Honda CB650R

The list started with a Honda, and coincidentally, it ends with a Honda. The Japanese marque accounted for half the bikes we enumerated here, and capping off that total is no less than the CB650R, Honda’s stylish naked sportbike priced at just half a million pesos.

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PHOTO: Honda, Yamaha
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