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At  first glance, you'll probably think that you're staring at a KTM Duke 200 street naked. But as you look closer, reality sinks in that it’s a UM Xtreet 200X on your computer screen.

It's twinning time!

Comparing their tubular-type trellis frame to engine layout, seat and tank shape, and even the plate holder design, you’ll have a hard time telling apart the Xtreet 200x and the Duke 200 side by side.

Motohub Group, a subsidiary of AutoHub and authorized dealer of UM motorcycles in the Philippines, introduced the Renegade cruiser lineup last year. This year, it shifted its efforts to pushing the UM Xtreet 200X, which is half the price of the visually identical KTM 200 Duke. 

Before yielding to any 'buy one, take one' fantasies, let’s first focus our attention on the new kid on the block. The Xtreet 200x is powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke, two valve, 182cc engine that produces a modest 13.65hp @ 7,500rpm and 13.65Nm @ 5,000rpm.

The wheelie-happy Duke is propelled by a slightly bigger single cylinder, four valve, four-stroke, 199.5cc powerplant. This translates to a more punchy 25hp @ 10,000rpm and 19.2Nm @ 8,000rpm. 

The Xtreet 200X’s engine is also air-cooled, while the Duke relies on a radiator that contains coolant. In terms of fuel management, the former still relies on the old school, mechanical carburetor. While the Duke gulps petrol using advanced electronic fuel injection.

Both rely on single-disc brake systems for front and rear wheels. Suspension for these two rely on the non-adjustable inverted fork in front and monoshock at the rear.

In terms of body color, the Xtreet 200X avoided orange KTM territory by having only white, black-red and white-blue paint combinations.

As for prices, the UM Xtreet 200X goes for P75,900 and the Duke for P150,000.


American brand versus Austrian brand? Made in China (UM) versus Made in the Philippines (KTM)?

But before you take a pick, spot the difference in the visual we made below. Let us know your thoughts.

Aris Ilagan
Motorcycle Editor
Being a veteran journalist, Aris is considered one of the "sharpest" columnists of Top Gear Philippines. Just look at him from head to toe and you'll get our point.
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