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We saw an incredible Yamaha steampunk mod at History Con

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Building custom bikes is not about following a fad or keeping up with norms. It’s all about fantasy.

These were the words of Jeffrey "Pong" Ylagan of Ylagan Kustom, one of the participants in the Biker Builds competition during the recent History Con 2017 held at the World Trade Center. With a rustic finish, his entry ‘Tricity Steampunk’ was inspired by the industrial revolution of the Victorian era. 

Pong’s custom bike was originally a Yamaha Tricity 125, an urban commuter with a revolutionary three-wheel layout. Although radically designed, Moto Sapiens verified that it's not just for show. We witnessed how it runs and functions like any other street legal motorbike.

A real scene-stealer, Tricity Steampunk was marked entry number one and it occupied the center of the lobby.

Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth on what makes his creation unique and special. Roll video!

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