The Yamaha Majesty S 155 is only available in Japan, but should it be sold in PH?

This Japan-exclusive scooter has enough ammo to rock the PH market
by Aris Ilagan | Mar 20, 2020
PHOTO: Yamaha

The name ‘Majesty’ is still familiar to riders from Malaysia and other parts of the ASEAN region because of the awesome handling and superb quality of the Yamaha Majesty 250 and the Majesty 400 first released in 1996. The question is, what’s stopping Yamaha from bringing in this latest Japanese-exclusive offering to some Southeast Asian nations where the name enjoys a big following? After all, the ASEAN market is known as an emerging one. 


If you think 2020 NMax will continue to be a phenomenal hit here, here are some reasons why we believe the new Majesty S 155  has enough ammo to rock the Philippine scooter market as well:

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  • The Majesty S 155 is fitted with the same mill as the NMax 155: a 155cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, single-overhead-cam engine. We highlight this because of the powertrain’s impressive average fuel consumption of 45km/L.
  • Aside from sporting different overall styling and dimensions to the NMax 155, the seat height of the Majesty S is taller39.3in versus 30.1in. This gives the Japan-exclusive model a striking, majestic stance.
  • The Majesty S 155 is equipped with a bigger 7.4-liter tank compared to the NMax’s 6.6-liter capacity. This can easily give Majesty riders an extra 36km of range.
  • But what about ride comfort? The NMax uses a pair of conventional twin preload-adjustable shock absorbers with piggyback shocks at the rear, which is matched by the Majesty’s mono-shock setup.
  • The Majesty S 155 offers a wide step board, giving the rider more leg space or ample room for a bag of groceries.

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However, the new Majesty S 155 doesn’t have all the advantages over the Nmax based on the following considerations:

  • When it comes to curb weight, the Majesty S 155 is heavier by 20kg
  • Unlike the 2020 Nmax, the Majesty 155 is not equipped with ABS.
  • Here are other awesome features the 2020 NMax has that the Majesty S is missing: keyless entry system, stop-start function, and most of all, an information-loaded LCD display that shows data like fuel level, trip info, a digital speedometer, and real-time and average fuel consumption.  

Scooters, being the weapon of choice by a growing number of urban dwellers from Southeast Asian countries, should be made available in many variants in this traffic-prone region. Do you think there is a chance the 2020 Yamaha Majesty S 155 will make its way to the Philippines soon?

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PHOTO: Yamaha
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