1,000 Angkas riders shift to delivery service in Cagayan de Oro

While the motorcycle taxis company’s future hangs in the balance
by Aris Ilagan | 6 days ago
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Instead of being part of an endless waiting game for motorcycle taxis to  be allowed to operate under the quarantine period, some 1,000 Angkas riders have enrolled themselves in the company’s ride-hailing delivery service in Cagayan de Oro City.

George Royeca, Angkas chief transport advocate, said the riders of the Angkas Padala initiative have started operating recently after complying with the health protocols set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Emerging Infectious Diseases, and the local government unit of CDO.

With some 37,000 rider-partners in Metro Manila, Cebu, and CDO losing their livelihood due to the government-imposed lockdowns in these areas, Angkas has advised their members to shift to their roadside delivery service and on-demand purchase system while they are waiting for the go-signal for motorcycle taxis to operate.

However, it is but logical for the IATF to first allow pillion riding before deciding on the plight of the motorcycle taxi riders.

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Angkas has made available an app for its delivery service, which also cites the limitations set by the company on the items to be sent by a customer.

  • The weight of the items to be sent should not exceed 10 kilos.
  • Its size must not go beyond 43cm x 38cm x 24cm.
  • All items are insured up to P3,000.
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Available to customers for free, the new Angkas app allows the user to track the whereabouts of the item.

It’s good to know that these riders will be able to provide for their families during these critical times.

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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