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Ban on male tandem riding sought in Caloocan City

Relatives, officemates, police and military are exempted
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

After Mandaluyong City, now comes Caloocan City.

Three councilors recently filed Proposed Ordinance 18-136 that seeks to prohibit two males from sharing a motorcycle ride in Caloocan, considered the country’s ‘motorcycle capital.’

Councilors Rose Mercado, Marilou Nubla and Christopher Malonzo believe that if approved, crime incidents in Caloocan will decrease.

Infamously known as ‘riding-in-tandem,’ police authorities blamed the rising criminal incidents to pillion riding since motorcycles have become convenient getaway vehicles for lawless elements.

The councilors also argued that motorcycle-riding suspects are harder to identify because they usually wear helmets when committing a crime.

This proposed ordinance is not new to riders based in Metro Manila. In 2014, the Mandaluyong government passed City Ordinance No. 550 that limits the passengers of motorcycle riders in the city to their first-degree relatives.

Please take note: The Caloocan City version comes with additional exemptions.

Like the Mandaluyong City version, riders with a female passenger are exempted from the ban.

Those allowed to ride pillion are immediate members of the family, relatives, and even in-laws. Riders who fail to show proof that they are related to the passenger will be apprehended.

When in Caloocan City, both the rider and passenger will be required to show proof of residency and their relationship with each other when flagged down by local authorities. Also exempted from the ban are military and police personnel wearing their official uniform.

Students who wish to ride together on a motorcycle must have proper school IDs to spare themselves from apprehension. The same applies to officemates who can produce a certification from their immediate boss that they come from the same company.


Violators face the following the penalties:

First offense: Payment of P500 fine or 10 days imprisonment or both, depending on the court decision.

Second Offense: Payment of P2,000 fine or 30 days imprisonment or both, depending on the court decision.

Third offense: Payment of P5,000 fine or 60 days imprisonment or both, depending on the court decision.

While motorcycle clubs are up in arms against this, the proponents of the ordinance have reportedly softened up by considering to drop the ‘imprisonment’ clause.

Fair enough? Or do we hear the riders now singing Neil Sedaka's classic piece "My World Keeps Getting Smaller Every Day"*?

(*This is a tito reference. We don't know the song either. - editors) 

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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