The Kawasaki Dominar’s tollway-access woes are far from over

Move to amend displacement from 373cc to 400cc on LTO registration is underway
by Aris Ilagan | Jan 28, 2019
PHOTO: Kawasaki

Is the Kawasaki Dominar allowed on tollways or not? This question has not stopped bugging Dominar owners who bought this naked bike primarily based on Kawasaki’s sales pitch that “it’s expressway-ready.”

Not only that: The Dominar goes for a measly P165,000, making it an instant dominant player in the middleweight category.

Technically speaking, the Dominar’s engine has a displacement of 373.3cc. In the strictest sense, it falls short of the 400cc limit set by the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB). So, when the TRB issued a warning against motorbikes with engines smaller than 400cc entering the expressways, the Dominar was affected since the engine size indicated on its  Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration papers is 373.3cc.

Dominar owners are now up in arms about the restriction. On Saturday, January 26, 2019, Kawasaki Philippines initiated a dialogue with owners at its Krib Libis dealership in Quezon City to give them updates on the company’s ongoing efforts to make the model tollway-legal. About 25 officers and members of different Kawasaki Dominar clubs showed up.

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Representatives of Kawasaki PH calmed down the Dominar owners, saying they have convinced LTO officials to amend the model’s engine displacement to 400cc on the registration papers. As far as we’re concerned, the LTO has pulled a similar move before with other models having the same engine size from other brands.

There’s more: A handful of Dominar riders at the event showed their Certificates of Registration (CR) that listed their units’ engine displacement as 400cc. Why the discrepancy?

Since October 2018, Kawasaki representatives have requested Dominar owners to voluntarily surrender their CRs, so that these may be submitted to and amended by the LTO. But almost four months later, the owners are still waiting. Not even one amended CR has come out.

Kawasaki has also advised Dominar owners not to push their luck and not to use their units on tollways until they’ve received the amended LTO documents.

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We’ve taken a look at the Facebook page of the Dominar owners’ club, and we can sense that the members’ patience is wearing thin. Will the LTO be able to release the first batch of amended CRs before the situation explodes?

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PHOTO: Kawasaki
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