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Kymco, Harley-Davidson now teaming up to build electric motorcycles

We hope this means Kymco will turn its electric concepts into reality
PHOTO: Kymco

As the two-wheeler world braces itself for an electric future, two big names in the industry have decided to join forces. Scooter expert Kymco and Harley-Davidson have partnered up to take the American manufacturer’s LiveWire brand public on the stock market.

Now listed as LVW on the New York Stock Exchange, LiveWire aims to use Kymco’s urban-mobility expertise to better target city-based riders and address their needs.

With its sizable investment in LiveWire, we hope to see Kymco actually bring its several electric concepts into reality. As cool as concepts like the F9 and RevoNEX are, such bikes can only do so much for the consumers that would rather ride the bikes than fantasize about them.


Kymco’s already such a big player in the low-displacement and maxi-scooter segments, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that this new endeavor with LiveWire can take the brand to the forefront of EV production.

What kind of bikes do you hope to see from this partnership?

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PHOTO: Kymco
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