Winning motorcycle in Petron fuel challenge does 129km/L

by Aris Ilagan | Mar 13, 2018

After surviving hundreds of kilometers of riding on varied road conditions, enduring the hot temperatures and rider fatigue, the Yamaha Sight 115 emerged as the most fuel-efficient among the 280 motorbikes that joined one of the country’s prestigious fuel economy runs exclusive only for two-wheelers.


Francis Rivera, president of Adventure Team Philippines, Inc. (ATPI) has released the result of 'Safe Run: The Ultimate Safety Fuel Efficiency Challenge’ staged last Saturday in Central and Northern Luzon.

Motorbikes that participated were grouped into eight depending on their engine displacements, from 100cc up to 1200cc, and their classifications (scooter or motorcycle).

From this, they were again assigned to three categories for the distance they have to cover: Short Range (200km), Medium Range (400km), and Long Range (600km). There is also cut-off time for each of the three categories. The route will go through Pampanga, Bataan, La Union, Tarlac and back to Pampanga.

Each participant’s Motorcycle Fuel Efficiency Record was determined by dividing the Official Kilometer Mileage by the quantity of fuel filled in the bike's tank as indicated in the rider’s passport. All bikes used Petron fuel.

The participant with the Highest Kilometer Mileage Per Liter Consumption and has not been disqualified as a result of any rule infraction, protest or traffic violation was declared winner.

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We've been there and done that. Moto Sapiens is not new to fuel economy runs and we know that other than the plain engine performance of each bike, there are some special techniques the riders used to stretch the distance for every drop of gasoline. But like an ace in poker, they hold these secrets close to their hearts.

Here are the winners for each of the eight classes:

Class 1 (Motorcycle: 100cc to 115cc)

Champion: Robby Malapitan - Yamaha Sight 115, 129.87 km/l 

2nd runner up: Rufino Capacete - Yamaha Sight 115, 119.76km/l

3rd runner up: Patricio Malapitan - Yamaha Sight 115, 102.56km/l

Class 1 (Scooter: 100cc to 115cc)

 Champion: Jester Carillo – Honda Beat 110, 89.29km/l

2nd runner up: Kevin Galiscia - Suzuki Address 113, 86.21km/l

3rd runner up: Ramon Valderama - TVS XL100, 76.94km/l

Class 2 (Motorcycle: 116cc to 125cc)

Champion: Rommel Enguerra - Kawasaki Z125, 67.57km/l


Class 2 (Scooter: 116cc to 125cc)

Champion: Joel Sulquiano - Honda Click 125, 68.03km/l

2nd runner up: Willy Aceron - Honda Beat 125, 66.89km/l

3rd runner up: Susano Bihag Jr. -Honda Click 125, 60.42km/l

Class 3 (Motorcycle: 126cc to 150cc)

Champion: Jun dela Rea – Honda CBR150i, 103.09km/l

2nd runner up: Roberta Abocado - Yamaha Sniper 150, 69.55km/l

3rd runner up: Honeylon Apondar - Yamaha R15, 68.97km/l 

Class 3 (Scooter: 126cc to 150cc)

Champion: Edmond Navarro – Honda Click 150, 79.37km/l

2nd runner up: Jade Lazaro - Honda Click 150, 72.73km/l

3rd runner up: Jemelie Torres - Honda Click 150, 60.61km/l

Class 4 (Motorcycle: 156cc to 200cc)

Champion: John Mark Ramirez – TVS Apache 200, 77.22km/l

2nd runner up: Dominador Villarino Jr. - Yamaha R15 V3, 59.53km/l

3rd runner up: Alex Macalinao - KTM 200 Duke, 42.89km/l

Class 4 (Scooter: 156cc to 200cc)

Champion: Venus Lorena Sibug – Yamaha NMax 155, 55.56km/l


2nd runner up: Neil Tumamao - Yamaha NMax 155, 55.40km/l

3rd runner up: John Gabriel Serafico - Yamaha NMax 155, 55.10km/l

Class 5 (Motorcycle: 201cc to 399cc)

Champion: Joel dela Cruz – BMW G310R, 58.18km/l

2nd runner up: Michael Anthony Potenciano - BMW G310R, 46.30km/l

3rd runner up: Rhoneil Ramirez - Royal Enfield Bullet 350, 42.23km/l

Class 5 (Scooter: 201cc to 399cc)

Champion: Emmanuel Balmes – Kymco XTown 300, 39.63km/l

2nd runner up: Ray Capili - Yamaha NMax 300, 37.05km/l

3rd runner up: K-Rol Florendo - Yamaha NMax 300, 35.19km/l

Class 6 (Motorcycle: 400cc to 649cc)

Champion: Jeffrey Ocaya – Honda CB500, 37.76km/l

2nd runner up: George Kalaw - KTM 390 Duke, 34.92km/l

3rd runner up: Giovanni delos Santos - Honda CB500F, 33.44km/l

Class 6 (Scooter: 400cc to 649cc)

Champion: Oliver Navarro – Kymco Xciting 400i, 31.97km/l

2nd runner up: Allan Canlas - BMW 650, 31.76km/l

3rd runner up: Fernando Dalupan - Aprilia SRV 850, 20.54km/l


Class 7 (Motorcycle: 650cc to 799cc)

Champion: Jerry Dizon - BMW X-Country 650, 36.86km/l

2nd runner up: Joselito Corrales - BMW F 700 GS, 33.78km/l

3rd runner up: Rafael Caluag - Kawasaki Versys 650, 32.21km/l

Class 8 (Motorcycle: 800cc and up)

Champion: Elizabeth Perez – Yamaha Tracer 900, 34.13km/l

2nd runner up: Alexander Navoa - Kawasaki Versys 1000, 28.22km/l

3rd runner up: Randy Viacrusis - BMW R 1200 GSA, 27.87km/l 

Congratulations to the winners!

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PHOTO: John Paul Reyes (Safe Run)
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