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Can't decide which motorcycle to buy? Unsure about which brands are reliable and easy to maintain? Confused by the sheer volume of models available at your local dealership? Worry not, because we're here to help. The Moto Sapiens motorcycle reviews will provide you with an unbiased, first-hand testimonial of every bike we can possibly get our hands on.

Here, we ride everything from the smallest scooters and underbones to the largest adventure bikes. Our test rides take us along city streets, provincial roads, highways, and even off-road if the bike is so inclined. We pull no punches in our assessments, because we want to provide you with the true pros and cons of every bike.

We even provide you with information on the little things some reviewers might gloss over, such as storage space, seat comfort, and the kind of tech available for the rider and passenger. So get your helmet on and join the ride with us.
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Is it really the ultimate adventure bike?
Yes, Peugeot has a scooter. And yes, it’s pretty good
Does the popular scooter live up to all the hype?
It’s still a barebones bike, but it also still has all the basics covered
Is this special-edition classic worth the hefty price tag?
This classic’s quite the looker, but how does it ride?
Not the most affordable scooter out there but arguably one of the most stylish
It’s a capable middleweight and arguably a strong competitor in its segment
An exciting and well-rounded naked bike
Is BMW’s stylish maxi-scooter a sensible choice?
The brand’s smallest naked bike on the local market has a lot going for it
A personal take on the bike after half a year of ownership
“Potent and exhilarating, yet refined and easy to ride”
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    TGP Rating:
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