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Apr 29, 2010

It's the season to go car-shopping once again, thanks to BPI Family Savings Bank (BFSB). The third nationwide Auto Madness opened today at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City. This year's event, inspired by the successful turnout of the first nationwide Auto Madness held in March last year with a sequel in September, will run until Sunday (May 2).

The opening was graced by BPI president Aurelio Montinola III, BFSB president Alfonso Salcedo, BFSB SVP and head of auto loans David Sarmiento Jr., and Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines president Elizabeth Lee.

"The first nationwide Auto Madness occurred during a bleak time in our economy," said Salcedo. "But the local auto industry rose despite the grim predictions. In our own little way--through events such as the Auto Madness--we at BFSB like to think we are contributing to the continuous positive growth of the car industry."

CAMPI's Lee, meanwhile, expressed her confidence in the growth of auto sales: "As we move on to the second quarter, we are confident that the industry can realize--even exceed--its initial target of 137,000 units. This is a huge potential market for BPI, the industry and, more importantly, the buyers."

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The third nationwide Auto Madness sees a return of BFSB's unique offer of a free one-year comprehensive motor insurance with Acts of God coverage, which will be up for grabs only until May 7. The bank also introduced its Total Auto Loans Solution, which provides its auto loan clients the fastest and easiest car loans in the market.

Through the Total Loans Solution, a car buyer's approval time is cut down drastically--within three to eight hours, the fastest in the market so far. Plus, payments are made easy through a wide range of options such as over-the-counter payments, auto debit arrangement, Express Online, Express Phones and ATM. Auto-loan borrowers also get a free BPI-Petron MasterCard with fuel rebates and free fuel.

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