Canadian police foil thief's plot to steal 99 luxury cars

It leaves us wondering if our local police can do the same
Sep 22, 2011

Police from Toronto, Canada have foiled a plot that seems to have been inspired by the H.B. Halicki movie/Nicolas Cage remake Gone in 60 Seconds after arresting a man who had sets of keys to 99 luxury cars.

According to Canadian online news portal, police have been investigating a series of break-ins in houses in which several cars were reportedly taken, including a Maserati, a Range Rover and a Lexus.

A detective assigned to the case revealed that the thief and an accomplice would scout for target vehicles in high-end residential areas and break into houses looking for the keys to the cars on their "shopping list."

After serving eight search warrants to the suspect, Andrzej Zalewski, police were able to recover numerous disguises, police scanners "and a cache of 99 sets of keys to other luxury cars, all 2011 models, which haven't been stolen," the report said.

Though the law enforcement authorities couldn't say how Zalewski obtained the keys, it's believed that the keys were stolen between the manufacturer and their destination. With the keys in hand, the suspect could drive away with the car either from the dealership or from the car owner's driveway.

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The report added that Zalewski would only break into houses to steal a car if it was on his list but he did not have the keys for it.

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Zalewski has been charged with numerous counts of breaking and entering, theft, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

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