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Even the facelifted Mini looks shocked about its bigger grille

New tech and colors are available for the 2021 range

It’s facelift time for the good ol’ Mini. And as is the norm with BMW nowadays, the new car has quite the snout.

Mini says the new design, which features a bigger grille with a hexagonal surround, new air intakes, and more contoured wheel arches, makes the Hatch look “even more means of reduction.” Huh.

Mini Updates: Hatch, Electric, and Electric

Either way, new colors and wheels are available, as is a black pack that de-chromes the entire car. Besides the nose, the biggest news on the looks front is the optional blue/black ‘Multitone Roof,’ for which Mini uses a special painting process. “Changing environmental conditions during [said] painting process” means each one is unique.

Inside, there’s a new steering wheel. All cars get the digital dashboard from the Mini Electric and GP, plus an 8.8-inch touchscreen running new operating software. Elsewhere, the air vents have been more smoothly integrated into the dashboard, there’s less chrome, and you can have an electronic handbrake instead of a conventional ratchet.

Mini Cooper - Updated Interior

As for dynamics, the engines are the same (1.5-liter gasoline units for the One and the Cooper, a 2.0-liter for the Cooper S and the JCW, a 181hp e-motor for the Electric), but there is a new adaptive suspension system that “achieves a noticeably optimized balance between sportiness and ride comfort.”

Prices for the three-door hatch start at a £16,045 (P1.06 million). The five-door costs £700 (P46,190) more. For a Convertible, you’ll pay at least £20,705 (P1.37 million), while the Mini Electric starts from £27,920 (P1.84 million).

More photos of the updated Mini line: 

Mini Cooper - Rear View Angle

Mini Cooper - Interior Dashboard

Mini Cooper - Front Angled View

Mini Cooper - Rear Angled View

Mini Cooper - Front Profile Close Up

Mini Cooper - Front View, Head Lamps

Mini Convertible - Front Angled View

Mini Convertible - Rear Angled View

Mini Convertible - Front View

Mini Convertible - Closed Top View

Mini Hatch - Front Angled View

Mini Hatch - Rear Angled View

Mini Hatch - Front Close Up

Mini Hatch - Wheel Detail

Mini Hatch - Top Angled View

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