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Could an Innova hybrid hit the market as the Toyota Innova Hycross?

One patent filing suggests it’s possible
PHOTO: Toyota

In March, Toyota got Southeast Asia hyped up with the unveiling of an Innova EV. Granted, the clean-running MPV shown off at the 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) was only in its conceptual phase, but still.

Patent filings in India, though, may suggest that electrification may be coming to the Innova sooner than we think.

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Toyota Innova Hycross patent filing


We recently dug into the Indian government’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry website after seeing talk of the MPV turning up in the agency’s patent designs and trademarks archives. True enough, a short search yielded a vehicle called the ‘Innova Hycross.’ The patent was filed by the Toyota Motor Corporation on March 24, just shortly before the EV Innova’s IIMS reveal.

Okay, okay. Considering this patent filing is all there is to go on at the moment, this idea isn’t something we’d consider solid. This could be anything from a slightly more rugged version of the MPV to a full-on hybrid. We’ll have to wait for more information out of India before coming to any conclusions.

So, what do you think the Toyota Innova Hycross will end up being? A hybrid or something else? Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: Toyota
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