Attrage won\'t be the name of Mitsubishi Mirage sedan in PH

So, what will its name be?
by Vernon B. Sarne | May 30, 2013


Mitsubishi, as you already know, has a new \"global compact sedan\"--technically classified in our market as a subcompact, below the compact Lancer--called the Attrage. It is basically a sedan version of the Mirage hatchback, and was first unveiled as the Concept G4 at this year\'s Bangkok International Motor Show.

And as we said here, it\'s likely that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines won\'t use the name \"Attrage\" in our market because it sounds like \"atras\" (go backward). So, what is the car\'s name going to be when MMPC launches it here in October?

\"We won\'t use Attrage because it has a negative connotation here,\" MMPC senior adviser for manufacturing Masaaki Yamada told during last night\'s thanksgiving party celebrating the Mirage\'s recent Philippine Car of the Year award. \"We will call it Mirage G4. \'G\' stands for global compact car and \'4\' stands for four-door sedan.\"

So, which name do you like better: Attrage or Mirage G4? Can you suggest a better one? Take our poll.

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