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Check out the world’s top 10 best-selling cars of 2022

The number one car might surprise you
These are the best-selling cars of 2022
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By now, we all know what the best-selling cars were for 2022. Unsurprisingly, it was the Toyota Vios, and it’s likely to retain that crown for a while. But the global car market is far more dynamic than the local market. With that, have you ever wondered what the global best-sellers were for 2022? The car in the number one spot might just surprise you.

Auto industry analyst Jose Felipe Muñoz painstakingly collected vehicle sales data from all over world to compile the list of the world’s best-selling cars. Not only that, but he also ranked it all from 1 to 500. Of course, we won’t list down all 500 cars here, but we’ll take a look at the world’s top 10, along with a few local favorites.

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Ford F-150 world's best-selling cars 2022

In tenth place was the Tesla Model 3 with 482,200 units sold in 2022. The Model 3’s tally was largely thanks to Europe’s strong march towards electrification, along with North America’s large car market and Tesla’s expansion in Asia. Moving on to ninth place, that went to the US’ best-selling pickup truck, the Ford F-150 with 525,100 sold. Not only is the F-150 America’s top-selling truck, it’s also been the country’s best-selling vehicle for over 40 years. In eighth place is the first of several Toyotas in the list, the Corolla Cross. 530,300 were sold in 2022, and it helps that it’s a global model meaning more sales potential.

Toyota Hilux GR Sport dirt world's best-selling cars of 2022

The car in seventh place was a bit of a surprise: The Nissan Sentra and Sylphy twins. You might be wondering how Nissan was able to shift 566,500 units of its sedan. It was the Chinese market that boosted the car’s sales figures, along with North America. Meanwhile, sixth place went to the world’s best-selling pickup, the Toyota Hilux. Thanks to its global reach and strong reputation, it’s probably no surprise Toyota sold 632,500 Hilux trucks worldwide.

Honda CR-V best-selling cars of 2022

As we move to fifth place, it’s another Toyota model, the Camry. Despite midsize sedan sales at a steady decline, the Camry still found 673,300 new homes worldwide. That makes the Camry the world’s top-selling midsize sedan by quite some margin. And we finally have a break from Toyotas thanks to the car in fourth place. It’s the Honda CR-V, and it’s the only Honda model that made the top 10 of 2022. If you bought one last year, you’re one of the 733,300 new CR-V customers in the world.

In third place is a shocker, literally and figuratively. Taking a podium spot is the Tesla Model Y with 747,500 sold, making it the world’s best-selling EV. Again, Europe and North America were the main sales drivers of the Tesla.

Toyota RAV4 best-selling cars

Now, for the top two and it may or may not surprise you. Second place went to the evergreen Toyota Corolla with 991,600 sold in 2022. For decades, the Corolla has been the world’s best-selling car, but it’s a crossover that’s been the global number one for a few years now. That model is the Toyota RAV4, selling over a million units around the world for two years in a row. The exact figure is 1,015,700 units, not only making it the world’s best-selling passenger car overall, but also the best-selling crossover of 2022.

What about some local favorites, you ask? The Isuzu D-Max was in 27th place with 325,000, the Ford Ranger 30th place at 304,900, and the Mitsubishi Strada in 98th place at 177,500. The Fortuner was in 101st place with 174,900, the Montero Sport in 321st place with 65,600, and the Mu-X in 500th place with 38,200. As for the Innova, that came in 158th place with 126,200 sold.

There are a lot more interesting observations in the list. You can see the full ranking by clicking on these blue words.

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PHOTO: Manufacturer Press
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