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For those who think the BMW M2 Competition isn't hard core enough

That's one race-ready Bimmer

BMW has revealed a handful of proper factory-fit M Performance upgrades for its recently unveiled M2 Competition. Accept them all, and you can call yours a BMW M2 Competition-er. Or Competition-est.

Because the new BMW M2 Competition is already faster and more powerful than the 'standard' M2 it completely replaces. It produces 404hp from a detuned M4 engine and can go from 0-100kph in 4.4 seconds (or 4.2 with an automatic gearbox). These new upgrades to the, um, upgraded M2 threaten to go full motorsport nerd.

There's the option of a suspension retro-fit kit, which lowers the M2 Comp by up to 20mm, and offers remarkable settings for the damping: 12 settings to establish the compression stage, and 16 settings on the rebound. You can't handle that much compression and rebound.

You can upgrade the brakes, too, with aluminum six-piston fixed calipers up front and four-piston at the back, coupled with larger, internally ventilated discs and better pads. These all slot in behind lighter 19-inch M Performance forged alloys that save 3.2kg over the standard wheel. They're also available in motorsport-friendly colors of gold or black. Go for gold. You just have to.

We now have to talk about the POWERDOME. BMW has built a carbon fiber hood that, for the first time on the M2, introduces the swollen central section so beloved of M cars. That takes 9kg of load off the front axle. You can spec a carbon roof too (another 5kg off), carbon boot (another 6kg) and carbon side panels.

Want more carbon fiber goodness? You can buy a splitter, kidney grille, air breathers, mirror caps, rear diffusor, side skirt extensions and a rear spoiler. One accessory not made from carbon fiber is the on-board data analyzer, that serves up your lap times, engine data, brake use and acceleration.

Other options include one to really, really annoy the neighbours. BMW labels it 'M Performance exhaust system.' The upgrade saves 8kg over the regular Comp's exhaust, is made from stainless steel, gets a titanium rear silencer and 93mm exhaust tips built from carbon fiber. You can even spec the 'sound range.' Glue it to Sport+ and be done with it.

Fancy it?

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