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This week in cars: All-new Mitsubishi ASX, Ford Territory with 1.8-liter EcoBoost

The all-new Ford Territory has also landed in Mexico with a 1.8-liter EcoBoost

The all-new Mitsubishi ASX debuts as a rebadged Renault Captur

Mitsubishi ASX 2023

Mitsubishi promised us an all-new ASX in 2023. and here we have it. It may not exactly be the ‘all-new’ model some of you were hoping for, though, as this is merely a rebadged Renault Captur.

“The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance aims to share the majority of its platforms by 2026, and this new ASX for the European market is a step towards achieving that. The crossover shares a very similar face as its French twin, with the aggressive-looking headlamps flanking the swooping grille. The only difference here is that the chrome slats appear to be wider, and of course, there’s a Mitsubishi badge at the center.

“At the rear is a pair of lobster claw taillights to match the headlight design up front, still the same as the Captur’s. This end looks clean with minimal lines and edges, as the roof spoiler and the windshield flow seamlessly towards the liftgate. The crossover can be spec’d with 17- or 18-inch wheels.

“Inside, the new ASX boasts a premium-looking cockpit with a host of leather on the dash and on the side panels. There’s a large infotainment system front and center with a bunch of buttons underneath. This head unit can be had as a seven-inch widescreen or a 9.3-inch vertical display, both of which have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The vertical configuration gets a Bose premium audio setup to boot.

“There’s also ample room for five passengers inside this cabin. The second-row seats can be slid forward or folded down to open up more cargo space at the back.

“In terms of engine options, as mentioned before, there are plenty. There’s a 91hp 1.0-liter turbopetrol with a six-speed manual gearbox and a 1.3-liter gasoline engine with a mild-hybrid system consisting of a 12V battery. The larger powertrain comes mated to a six-speed manual for the 140hp variant and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission for the 158hp version.”

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The all-new Ford Territory lands in Mexico

Ford Territory 2023

Ford has continuously been rolling out China’s Equator Sport as the all-new Territory in several markets including ASEAN. Now, the model has made its way to North America, and it marks the popular nameplate’s arrival in the region.

“To no surprise, the new Territory arrives bearing the same styling as models from our side of the globe. Sleek, aggressive-looking headlamps flanking the massive grille up front—there’s really just nothing new to see here. So instead, we’ll go straight and take a peek at what’s under the hood: a slightly bigger and more powerful engine.

“North America’s Territory packs a 1.8-liter EcoBoost mill that generates 187hp and 320Nm of torque. It has slightly more horsepower and significantly more torque than both old and new 1.5-liter gasoline powertrains in our region. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Don’t get your hopes up, as there’s probably zero chance that Ford Philippines will opt for this Territory configuration. Let’s be real.

“The all-new crossover also gets a new 12-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This display is paired with a 12-inch digital instrument cluster. Both are mounted as a single large panel on the dash, adding a very classy vibe to the premium, leather-clad cabin.”

The Honda CR-V may be about to land in ASEAN

Image of the 2023 Honda CR-V

“Recently, the all-new Honda BR-V was one of the stars of the 2022 Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). Its presence was more than just a tease, too, as the Japanese carmaker has confirmed that the subcompact SUV will be available locally sooner rather than later.

“But what about its bigger brother the all-new Honda CR-V? If recent spy shots of the vehicle taken in Thailand are any indication, the model might already be gearing up for a regional launch.

“Images shared by the Honda HR-V Club of Thailand show a next-generation CR-V plying local roads while covered in camouflage. We don’t really get a proper look at the thing on account of the camo and the image taker’s distance from the vehicle, but we do get a glimpse at its new wheels and taillights.

“While no specs or performance details have officially been hinted at for our region, a look at the CR-V’s units in western markets might give you some idea. Of particular interest to us is the 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 190hp and 243Nm the US gets. We’re also crossing our fingers that a diesel option is still in the cards for ASEAN markets.”

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GM-owned Baojun to unveil Jimny-like electric SUV in China

Baojun mini EV teaser

General Motors’ joint venture in China together with SAIC and Wuling Motors has produced quite a few interesting vehicles in the past. There’s the Hong Guang Mini EV and the Zhengtu, among others. What’s up next, however, just might be one of the biggest models yet.

“Not literally, though, as what Chinese brand Baojun has teased during one of its recent launches is what appears to be a mini SUV. In fact, the silhouette looks something like a Suzuki Jimny.

“Based on the teaser clip Baojun just released, this thing will have as quirky of a design as the Jimny, with a boxy shape and retro design cues. It’s got a pair of quad LED lamps up front with a solid gloss-black grille and futuristic O-shaped taillights at the back. There seem to be chunky bumpers and bulky fenders along with some snazzy wheels underneath, too.

“We’ve also just learned from a few articles such as this report by GM Authority that this vehicle will be electric. Specifically, it’ll be called the KiWi EV mini crossover. Jimny challenger, eh? Not exactly.”

The all-new Honda BR-V and HR-V nab five-star ASEAN NCAP safety ratings

Image of the Honda BR-V and HR-V crash test

“Long gone are the days when smaller vehicles are viewed as less safe than their more sizable counterparts. Thanks to improved build quality and advancing tech, passengers’ chances of walking away from crashes in something like a subcompact have improved considerably.

“Honda’s latest offerings are prime examples of this. Both the all-new Honda BR-V and HR-V—a subcompact SUV and crossover, respectively—managed to drive away from New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia (ASEAN NCAP) crash test with convincing results.

“In the case of the BR-V, which will soon be available in the Philippine market, the vehicle finished crash testing with 33.72 points for adult occupant protection (AOP), 17.46 points for child occupant protection (COP), 15.71 for safety assist, and 10.13 for motorcycle safety. That’s a total of 77.02 points, which is good enough for a five-star safety rating.

“The all-new HR-V, meanwhile, received 35 points for AOP, 17.81 points for COP, 18.57 points for safety assist, and 10 points for motorcycle safety. That’s a total of 81.38 points and also worthy of the ASEAN NCAP’s five-star safety rating. The 2023 HR-V is already available in the local market.”

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