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These special Ford Bronco Heritage Editions are retrolicous

It was inevitable...but still awesome
Ford Bronco 2023 Heritage Edition and Bronco Sport

Yes, we are still salty about the fact Ford won’t bring the brilliant Bronco outside North America. And no, these fantastically retro Heritage Editions are not helping with that one bit.

Ford Bronco 2023 retro yellow front

These Heritage Editions pay tribute to the original, first-generation Bronco from 1966 and you can have the fancy paints and retro add-ons on the Bronco two-door, Bronco four-door or Bronco Sport SUVs. Plus, for each model there will be 1,966 (see what they did there?) extra special Heritage Limited Edition examples.


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Ford Bronco 2023 retro yellow rear

So, what do you get? Well if you want a two- or four-door full-size Bronco then the $44k (approx. P2,471,920) Heritage Edition brings two-tone paint with an Oxford White roof, grille and wheels paired with Race Red FORD lettering up front and a choice of five throwback paint options. It also brings the 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, retro square arches and the off-roady Sasquatch Package as standard – hence the lift kit and chunky tyres. Nice. We’re yet to see inside, but we’re also promised some form of tartan cloth seats and an Oxford White instrument panel.

Ford Bronco 2023 retro look and steel-look wheels

The Heritage Limited Edition adds extra metal Bronco badging on the wings, black 17-inch retro wheels and some leather inside, but crucially it’s also based on the Badlands Bronco which means you get the more powerful 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 under the bonnet. You will have to pay for it though – prices start at $66,895 (P3,758,161 at current rates).

Ford Bronco Sport 2023

Nice to see the Bronco Sport getting some retro love too. The Heritage Edition of that gets a 1.5-liter engine and a similar visual treatment to the full-size off-roader, with prices starting at $34,245 (Around P1,923,884). The near-$45k (P2,528,100) Heritage Limited Editions will get the bigger 2.0-liter engine and more go-anywhere hardware, plus the same metal badging, leather seats and extra trim.

Ford Bronco Sport 2023

Ford says all the Heritage and Heritage Limited Editions are available to order now, although of course that still means for those in the US only. Come on Ford, do the decent thing and let us at least have a few Broncos on our teeny tiny roads and narrow trails.

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