Ford Performance gives Focus RS extra 25hp, 40Nm

As if the hatchback wasn't hot enough
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Aug 9, 2016

The latest-generation Ford Focus RS is one hell of a hot hatch. In less than a year, its level of performance and that cool Drift Mode have swayed some 8,200 people into choosing its combination of practicality and track ability over other competitors.

Ford, however, doesn’t seem content with the car's success. And with a little help from the tuners over at Mountune, it's kicking the Focus RS's oomph factor up a notch.

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The "Ford Performance by Mountune" power pack boosts the car's horsepower rating from the standard 350hp to an even more potent 375 horses, as well as providing an additional 40Nm of torque. These figures are enough to propel the car from zero to 100kph in an ultra-quick 4.5 seconds, and send it all the way to a terminal velocity of 266kph. Sweet.

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The package also includes goodies like bespoke alloy ducts, silicone hoses, a high-performance air filter, upgraded recirculation valves, and remapped software. And to think all this comes with the €899 (P46,748) extra-cost option.

Ford Performance can fit your standard Focus RS with the upgrade kit at an authorized dealership in as little time as an hour and a half. Plus, you get to keep your three-year warranty. Too bad it can only be had in Europe. If only Ford Philippines could bring this car in...


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PHOTO: Ford Motor Co.
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