Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton flaunts his one-off Pagani Zonda

See why it's special
Jan 26, 2015 Philippine Car News - Lewis Hamilton shows off photos of his one-of-one Pagani Zonda

Like many Formula 1 drivers, Lewis Hamilton resides in the tax-free principality of Monaco. And yesterday, during one of the few days when he's not doing something related to F1, he posted on his Facebook page his Pagani Zonda 760LH after taking it out for a drive.

The car is a one-off model, exclusively built for Hamilton--hence the 'LH' in its name. Other than having an F1 champion for its owner, what truly makes the car special is that it reportedly features a six-speed manual transmission instead of the "standard" six-speed sequential gearbox.

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You can check out Hamilton's Zonda in the video at the bottom (posted on YouTube in August last year).

Photos from Lewis Hamilton's Facebook page



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