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Rollback alert: Diesel prices in PH to go down by P3.1/L this week

Meanwhile, gasoline prices will only roll back by P0.4/L
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Fuel prices have been on one gigantic roller coaster over the past few months. Remember last week’s major increase? Well, it’s going to be met with yet another rollback this week.

Effective tomorrow, diesel prices in the Philippines are set to go down by P3.10 per liter and gasoline prices by P0.40 per liter this week. In case you still need to check, neither of these makes up for the hefty P4.20 price hike last week.

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The official announcements from major industry players like Caltex, Seaoil, and Cleanfuel are finally out. As promised, we’ve updated this story and put all the relevant advisories below. Scroll on through for more details.

Fuel price rollback on May 17, 2022

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