Confirmed: The Hummer will soon be revived as an electric pickup

It will be sold in 2022 as an individual model under the GMC brand
by Leandre Grecia | Jan 13, 2020
PHOTO: Hummer

A few months back, we reported there have been rumors going around that General Motors (GM) could be planning the revival of the Hummer nameplate as part of its BT1 electric truck/SUV program. If you were waiting for an update on that, then you’re in luck: The Wall Street Journal has now confirmed that the rumors are indeed true.

Yes, the Hummer will soon become a full-fledged electric vehicle, and we have confirmation that it will be rebuilt in pickup form. This means the insanely inefficient gasoline-powered SUV you once knew will soon become a significantly more practical and fully-electric off-road pickup that’s set to take on the likes of the Tesla and Rivian trucks. If you had told us that 10 years ago, we probably wouldn’t have believed you.

GM says, however, that it will not establish the Hummer as a standalone brand, but will instead sell the electric pickup under the GMC lineup in the future—starting 2022, to be exact. This will be one of the first of several electric SUVs and trucks that the American carmaker is expected to produce over the coming years.

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We have no further details regarding this new electric Hummer, but you can keep an eye out for the special commercial that’s scheduled to air during the upcoming Super Bowl this February.

So, what do you guys—especially the fanatics out there—think about an electric Hummer? Are you looking forward to seeing some initial sketches soon?

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PHOTO: Hummer
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