Here’s why the all-new Toyota Hiace’s global launch was held in the Philippines

It’s the country’s first time to host a Toyota world premiere
Mar 8, 2019
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The all-new Hiace couldn’t have come with a bigger splash. The van wasn’t just launched last month with the usual fanfare—Toyota Motor Corporation chose the Philippines as the stage for the vehicle’s global premiere.

Our market was the first in the world to see the sixth-generation Hiace in the metal—a huge feat, given that our country is rarely center stage in the global car industry.

So, why the Philippines? The vehicle's popularity in our market played a major role in the decision: In 2018, the Hiace claimed 56% of the country’s utility van segment. What’s more, our country is the number one market for the model outside of Japan. More Filipinos bought Hiaces compared to 150 other nations across the globe where the van is sold.

It doesn’t just boil down to market appeal either—the Hiace has deeply planted its roots locally. It ferries our kids to school, groups of friends on road trips, commuters to work, and even patients to hospitals when needed. The Hiace is there when called upon, which has been the case since the nameplate first arrived on our shores several decades ago.

That’s quite a reputation the all-new Hiace has to maintain. Thankfully, it appears that Toyota has equipped its van with more than enough to satisfy loyal customers.

For starters, the new design isn’t just for aesthetics. The decision to move the engine up front and provide the van with an actual hood doesn’t just make it look more streamlined, it also makes the vehicle safer in the event of a collision. The interior has also been given a major overhaul, with the dashboard now featuring a more slanted design for a sleeker look and improved ergonomics.

The all-new Hiace comes in three variants. There’s the Commuter Deluxe, which can seat 15 individuals—perfect for hauling the whole barangay if needed. Then there’s the familiar GL Grandia with a cozier interior, more amenities, and seats for a dozen people. And last but not least, the GL Grandia Tourer—an all-new addition to the Toyota Hiace lineup, and one that provides the best of both capacity (14 people) and convenience.

All variants come with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine based on the mill powering the Hilux and Fortuner, meaning there’s more than enough oomph under the hood for trips up to Baguio. Prices range from P1,590,000 to P2,235,000, depending on the variant.

For more information, visit Toyota Motor Philippines' official website and Facebook page.

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