Honda adds another letter to its alphabet with the new WR-V

Small SUV to be unveiled next month
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Oct 18, 2016

Winsome is an adjective that means appealing or attractive in character. Pretty soon, this word will also stand for a new runabout vehicle from Honda. We're referring to its upcoming new small SUV, the WR-V.

Honda Automoveis do Brasil is set to unveil the Winsome Runabout Vehicle next month at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show. The vehicle is essentially a subcompact SUV that combines the versatility, utility, and tough stance of a pickup, with the size and driving ease of a subcompact car. 

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While no details have been given about powertrain and the like, Honda did hint at this being aimed squarely at the growing subcompact SUV market in South America. We are, of course, talking about models like the Ford EcoSport and the Nissan Juke. This type of utility vehicle is popular as it affords buyers the high driving position of an SUV, and lets them enjoy the nimbleness of a small car. And with flooding being a major problem, we aren’t the least bit surprised that car buyers lap them up in droves. In many cases, decent ground clearance is the way to go. 

The WR-V joins the ranks of the HR-V, the BR-V, the new CR-V, and the Pilot in Honda’s growing SUV arsenal.

The Sao Paulo International Motor Show will run from November 10 to 20, 2016. It looks like we will have another exciting offering to look forward to from the Japanese carmaker. Here’s hoping this new model makes its way to our shores soon. For now, this design sketch and our imagination will have to suffice. 

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