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The Honda S660 Modulo X is the sporty kei car we want

Small and sweet

We are big, big fans of the Honda S660 here at Top Gear. It’s as small and sweet as sports cars get, even if, with less power than a Fiat Panda, it’s not particularly quick.

Prime for some tuning, you’d think, and Honda has done so with this new Modulo X version. There’s sharper, five-way adjustable suspension. More powerful brakes. A semblance of aerodynamics in its design. Fancier lights and interior trim. It’s a more assertive, sportier S660.

But it’s no more powerful. The dinky little S660 is designed to Japanese Kei car regulations, see, so its 660cc engine size and 63hp power output can’t be tweaked at the factory. Given it’s turbocharged, though, we’re sure you could give it a bit of a tickle once you got it home.

The Modulo X is pricey, mind, costing 2,850,120 yen (about P1,380,000). That’s a stark hike on a basic S660, which is something of a bargain for a rear-driven, mid-engined roadster.

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