Sadly, Hyundai’s renders of new N cars are nothing more than a tease

“We might be spending too much time at home”
by Drei Laurel | Apr 2, 2020
PHOTO: Hyundai

It looks like carmakers’ social media departments are just as bored as we are as the world tries to wait out the COVID-19 virus. 

Hyundai’s N division took to Instagram yesterday—April Fool’s Day, in case you weren’t aware—to share renders of the Palisade SUV, Nexo, and Prophecy electric vehicle concept (which was supposed to be revealed at the now-canceled Geneva International Motor Show) in N form. Excited?

Well, if the date of the post wasn’t enough to suggest these were nothing more than a cruel tease, the images’ captions confirm they aren’t real.

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“It’s April Fool’s Day, but instead of jokes we’re sharing fun ideas,” the brand shared on its official Instagram page. “What do you think of a #Palisade N model? (We might be spending too much time at home).

“Just as we hope these fake N models make you smile, we hope everyone can get through this #SafeAtHome.”

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Sad. It would’ve been super neat if these were real, though. A performance-oriented SUV and N-branded hydrogen-powered crossover? We’d love to see these come to fruition. Well, maybe one day.

Did you or anyone you know for fall Hyundai’s trickery? Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: Hyundai
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