This is what happens if you hand Liberty Walk a Toyota Prius

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by Drei Laurel | Jun 24, 2019
PHOTO: Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk will do whatever it wants to whatever vehicle it can get its hands on. Should be apparent by now, seeing what the tuning outfit did to the Suzuki Jimny, how it transformed the Nissan GT-R into a kei car, and, well, this thing.

Need further proof? Here’s its latest creation, a stanced-out Toyota Prius featuring various aero bits and aftermarket wheels.

This is…definitely something. Don’t worry, we’ll wait while you take it all in.         


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We know Toyota was boasting a lower center of gravity when it released this generation a few years back, but this is just crazy. And to think this looks rather tame—even with the added aero bits—for something courtesy of the Liberty Walk garage. Usually, there’d be a lot more going on.

How much to turn you vanilla Japanese hybrid into this? You have two options: The Liberty Walk Prius ‘Light’ with the front half spoiler, side skirts, aftermarket wheels, and rear under spoiler will set you back $4,580 (P235,000). The ‘Full’ version, which gets all of the above plus a wing out back, costs $5,070 (P260,000).

That’s a lot of money. You’re probably going to need to spend a little more if you plan on keeping that aero pristine after every scratch and scrape you’re bound to put this car through, too. But hey, it’s a hybrid, so yeah, savings.

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PHOTO: Liberty Walk
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