Mitsubishi hints at a future in which its SUVs and crossovers are electric

With this eX concept vehicle
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Oct 12, 2015

Mitsubishi Tokyo Motor Show

While Mitsubishi continues to focus on its lucrative SUV models, it has likewise kept its eye on the future, particularly the sustainability of such vehicles in the years to come. This can be seen in the concept cars it plans to unveil at the upcoming 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

To reinforce the Japanese carmaker's vision of a green, fun and versatile future, the main attraction of the Mitsubishi stand will be the eX Concept. Short for electric X, this vehicle study is a new compact SUV that runs on 100% electric power. Evoking the lines of a nimble little SUV that zips through town, it combines shooting-brake styling cues with the brand’s Dynamic Shield front end (which we saw in the coming all-new Montero Sport).

However, the real highlight of the eX Concept is the drivetrain. Mitsubishi has employed the most advanced electric motor combined with all-wheel control. Apart from clean energy, the eX Concept also has an eye for safety. It possesses high-tech gear like automated driving, connected car, and the latest safety technologies to ensure a safe yet fun time on the road--whatever surface this may be.

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Mitsubishi’s theme this year is "Another Step Forward," and that’s because the eX and other vehicles to be displayed are indeed the next step in the brand's continuing research and development in the field of electric mobility. The company has actually been hard at work perfecting the tech for about 50 years now. Also to be displayed as proof of this five-decade EV involvement are the Baja Portalegre 500 Outlander plug-in EV, and an i-MiEV wrapped in a design that proudly displays Mitsubishi’s EV history.

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Get to see these new concepts and other cool vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month. Watch out for our stories.


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