This our first look at the all-new Volkswagen Golf GTI

The new hot hatch will debut in March
by Tom Harrison | Feb 22, 2020
PHOTO: Volkswagen

Welcome to the new Golf GTI. Fine—welcome to a drawing of the new Golf GTI. And it’ll have to do, because this is all we’re getting until it’s revealed proper at next month’s Geneva International Motor Show, where the GTI will share space on VW’s stand with the diesel-engined GTD.

Volkswagen says the latest GTI will be a “pure, intelligent, and superior high-tech sports car for the digital age,” and like its predecessors, it will be front-wheel-drive and powered by a gasoline engine. It will have tartan upholstery (good), a red stripe across its radiator grille (also good), as well as a techy interior loaded with screens (not so good).

Oh, and there’s option of a full-width LED light bar connecting the headlights, taking the total number of lights on the front of the new GTI to a whopping 13. The Nissan Juke can only aspire to such impressive levels of forward illumination.

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PHOTO: Volkswagen
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