These modified Ford Mustangs will muscle their way into SEMA 2018

There's a lot to look forward to at this year's show
by | Oct 16, 2018
PHOTO: Ford Mustang

Galpin Auto Sports Ford Mustang

GAS is no stranger to tuning up Mustangs. This one takes the 5.0-liter V8 base car, adds a Ford Performance/Roush supercharger, a Ford Performance (FP) exhaust, short-throw gearshift for the six-speed manual and an FP driveshaft.

There are new FP springs, shocks and sway bars, brakes from the GT350R, custom wheels, and—as you can see—a GAS wide-body, um, body.

GAS hasn’t revealed a power output, but it’ll be quite a lot.

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CJ Pony Parts Ford Mustang

CJ has revealed a power output for this one—and it’s in excess of 700hp. It’s been built as a “drift beast.” As such, it gets the same FP/Roush supercharger bolted to that very tunable 5.0-liter V8, exhaust, and short-throw shifter.

It’s been lowered by FP springs, there’s been an ‘upgrade’ to the rear suspension, a hydraulic handbrake (essential, really), gold wheels, and the all-important wide-body kit. The interior—though you can’t see it—gets Recaros, a roll cage, and a safety harness. It is a drifter, after all.

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CGS Motorsports Ford Mustang

This one’s a more subtle take on a modified Mustang. Again, the 5.0-liter V8 gets the familiar supercharger/exhaust combo, along with an FP spring and sway bar kit, six-piston Brembo brakes, 22in forged wheels, and a custom bodykit. There’s even underbody lighting for your Need for Speed kicks.

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TJIN Edition Ford Mustang

We have turbo power! TJIN has opted for a BorgWarner blower, added not to the V8, but instead to the 2.3-liter four-pot EcoBoost engine. There’s a new exhaust, racing manifold, adjustable suspension, ‘Baer Grizzlie’ (excellent name) brakes, centre-lock 20-inch wheels and an RTR body kit.

This is how every EcoBoost Mustang should look. Maybe.

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Bojix Design Ford Mustang

Another V8, though this one does without the supercharger upgrade of the others. Instead, it gets a FP driveshaft and a Bojix Design ‘supercar’ exhaust. Should sound fruity. There are FP springs, shocks and sway bars, FP front and rear hubs, and 20in Savini wheels.

The kit consists of a new front bumper and splitter, hood vents, a wing, custom paint scheme, and Recaro front seats. The rears have been scrapped. And there are 10in subs (speakers, not sandwiches).

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PHOTO: Ford Mustang
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