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Morgan distributor is now selling the four-seater Plus 4 at...

A sizable discount


Morgan Motor Company is set to officially launch its arrival in the Philippines in September through its dealer, White Knight Automobiles. Reportedly gracing the brand\'s launch will be one of its classic models, the four-seater Plus 4.

Based on the two-seater Plus 4, the four-seater version has a 2.0-liter, 145hp engine under the hood, and a curb weight of 927kg. The car is capable of reaching 100kph from a standing start in eight seconds before reaching a top speed of 177kph.

True to its heritage, the four-seater Plus 4 comes with a leather hood strap, embroidered headrest, walnut dashboard, and leather center console. But despite its classic trappings, the car is still equipped with modern conveniences like air-conditioning, power steering and a start button.

According to White Knight Automobiles, while the four-seater Plus 4\'s regular price is P4.7 million, its introductory price, for a limited time, is now P3.995 million--the same price as the two-seater Plus 4.

Is the discounted price enough to convince you to buy the car now?

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