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Need to know more about the exclusive motorcycle lane dry run?

The dry run ends March 19, Sunday
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Back in February, The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) met with the 1 Rider Party List to discuss a few details of the Commonwealth Avenue motorcycle lanes. At the time, the MMDA and the party list discussed the positioning of the said lanes, as well as the putting up of signage and setting up the proper road markings. Prior to that, the Metro Manila ‘approved’ the plan to implement this.

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Day 5 of 10-day dry run of the exclusive motorcycle lane on Commonwealth Avenue:

Now, the MMDA has announced that it will hold a dry run for exclusive motorcycle lanes along Commonwealth starting March 9. The exercise will run for the next ten days, and the exclusive motorcycle lane is located at the third lane from the sidewalk of Commonwealth Avenue, from Elliptical Road to Doña Carmen and vice versa.


"The dry run is meant to familiarize motorcycle riders traversing Commonwealth Avenue on the said policy. We will have a full deployment of MMDA traffic enforcers and we will be assisted by the local government of Quezon City. No motorists will be apprehended during the duration of the dry run which will start tomorrow until next Sunday, March 19," said Atty. Don Artes, acting chairman of the MMDA.

But what will happen after the ten-day dry run? According to the MMDA, it will begin the enforcement of the exclusive motorcycle lane policy. The agency adds that there will be a penalty of P500 for motorists who break the rule.

Per MMDA Resolution No. 22-15, the rightmost lane on Commonwealth Avenue will be the bike lane, the second lane will be for PUVs, and the third will be for motorcycles. The rest will then be used by other motor vehicles.

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