Nissan brings its award-winning 2019 MIAS booth on a nationwide tour

Experience Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility for yourself
Jul 24, 2019
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One of the biggest draws at the Manila International Auto Show last April was the Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM) display. While impressive showcases and vehicle displays are the norms for automakers at the show, Nissan’s innovative blend of virtual and real elements wowed showgoers. The event organizers even awarded the Intelligent Mobility display with the Best Booth trophy.

“We believe that Nissan brought a new concept to MIAS and executed it with excellence,” said Jason Ang, one of the organizers of the show. “The display brought Nissan’s brand to life with innovative technology and that’s why it deserved the Best Booth award.”

And now, Nissan is taking the show on the road.

Nissan has long pioneered next-generation motoring technology, as exemplified by cutting edge vehicles like the all-electric Nissan Leaf and the world-beating Nissan GT-R. Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility extends this innovative spirit to the brand’s more conventional offerings. NIM is a suite of electronic driver aids that help improve convenience, safety, and ease of use. To highlight this, the NIM booth featured a mixed-reality display, blending a scale model of Nissan X-Trail with video to showcase its technologies. After this, visitors hopped into another interactive room, which featured an actual Nissan Terra inside a virtual reality cubicle—a safe space within which to sample Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility features.

Among these is the Around View Monitor, which uses a suite of cameras to provide a virtual bird's eye view of your surroundings on the dashboard infotainment display. This neat party trick takes the guesswork out of parking, allowing you to back into tight spots while watching for obstacles and clearance issues on the flanks of your vehicle at the same time. While we all like piloting big SUVs, the latter are also more susceptible to little nicks and dents because of their size. A 360-degree view is a big help.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Warning, on the other hand, watch your blind spots for you, signaling you when other vehicles are sitting in locations not covered by your side- and rear-view mirrors. They will come in handy when driving alongside smaller cars and motorcycles.

Lane Departure Warning utilizes the vehicle’s front-facing camera to “read” road markings up ahead, allowing it to alert drivers if they accidentally stray out of their lane. Moving Object Detection, on the other hand, uses the Nissan Terra's entire suite of cameras to scan for objects moving around the car in low-speed maneuvers. It then alerts the driver to unpredictable obstacles and hazards, like small children or pets.

Beyond this, Nissan also offers other technologies such as Forward Collision Warning, and driver aids such as Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, and an integrated Tire Monitoring system. Watch this to know more:

For those who want to experience these features, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Tour 2.0 will be visiting the following venues down south: SM Bacolod, from August 23 to 25; Ayala Center Cebu, from September 6 to 8, and the Cebu Auto Show, from September 13 to 15.

For more information on NIM, check out Nissan’s website. For updates on the Mobility Tour, visit Nissan’s Facebook page.

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