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2023 Nissan Urvan quietly rolled out in PH

Prices are out too
Nissan Urvan 2023 Philippines

The last time we wrote about the Nissan NV350 Urvan, we spoke about the new Mitsubishi-sourced 4N16 engine now used for the Japan-spec model. Now, we have an update on the popular van as it seems that it has been quietly rolled out for the Philippine market.

Now, you’re probably asking, do we get the same engine as Japan? We’ll answer that later on but for now, we’ll tell you everything new about it.

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Nissan Urvan 2023 facelift side view

For the 2023 model year, the NV350 Urvan gets a slightly freshened up front end. Here, you’ll see the new grille with the trim surrounds, as well as a reshaped bumper. You’ll also see the new bumper corners that feature slimmer openings and foglight housings.

Last but not least, the new NV350 features the new Nissan logo that sits proudly on the grille. Both narrow body and wide body versions get these exterior updates.

Nissan Urvan 2023 interior philippines

Inside, the only noticeable change is steering wheel. It now has a D-shaped wheel like most new Nissan models that have come out in recent years. Nissan also updated the radio for 2023. As for the seating options, it’s still the same as before. The 2023 NV350 Urvan is available in 15- and 18-seat configurations for the low-roof, narrow-body version, and 15 seats for the wider and taller Premium.

Nissan Urvan 2023 facelift 18-seater Philippines

As for the engine, the local-spec NV350 continues to use the same YD25DDTi as before. It’s essentially the block that powers the Terra and Navara, but with a different tune for this van. Power is rated at 127hp and 356Nm of torque, and it delivers power to the rear wheel via a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic. The automatic is exclusive to the Premium model.

Nissan Urvan 2023 facelift Philippines

So we don't get the Mitsubishi-sourced 4N16. However, that doesn't close the window on any chances of it powering the PH-spec Urvan down the line. If you're curious about the specs of that diesel engine, the 2.4-liter mill churns out 130hp and up to 370Nm of torque. It gains 3hp and 20Nm over the Nissan YD25 engine. However, the 4N16-equipped Urvan can be specified with a seven-speed automatic.

Nissan Urvan 2023 facelift front view

Now, for the prices, and there’s a bit of a bump compared to the previous model. See the complete list below:

2023 Nissan Urvan prices:

  1. NV350 Urvan 15-seater – P1,509,000
  2. NV350 Urvan 18-seater – P1,519,000
  3. NV350 Urvan Cargo – P1,199,000
  4. NV350 Urvan Premium MT – P1,919,000
  5. NV350 Urvan Premium AT – P1,979,000

There are reportedly stocks of these vans in local Nissan showrooms, meaning you can call them up to inquire.

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